Some of my work


A sports focused reddit-like forum that allows users to write and vote on text posts. Supports a full set of features such as comments, search functionality, and an admin panel. Developed as part of a team project using Node.js. Makes use of bcrypt for secure password storage and MongoDB for back end storage, among other technologies.

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Simple Instant Messaging App

A server-client messaging web app I wrote while learning the basic concepts of Node.js. Makes use of express and on the backend, and jQuery on the front.

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The website you see before you, which includes a great deal of back end management under the hood. Includes a simple CMS for my blog which I can interact with through a CLI to upload markdown blog posts.

Graph library

A simple and easy to read set of methods for implementing graph algorithms in Python 3. Included is an example of maze generation using Prim's algorithm. Supports directed and undirected graphs, implemented with adjacency lists to maximize performance.

Check it out it on GitHub