About Myself

Yep that's me

I'm a dude with a silly name from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Currently in my third year of study in Computer Science at the University of Toronto.

In terms of programming background, I'm extremely comfortable with JavaScript, Python, Java, and C among others. My recent efforts have been directed towards web development. This has extended to many different technologies such as Node.js, SQL, and MongoDB. I've started to really admire the web for the versatility in it's use cases and the immensely sprawling software platform it has become for people around the world. I've come to learn that there is no faster way to get software into the hands of millions of people than to present it through a web browser.

Aside from programming, I happen to enjoy things like running, philosophy, playing guitar, drawing, photography, and the sweet sweet melodies of The Strokes.


Feel free to check me out or contact me through the following channels: